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Few Words About Our

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From the very first broadcast on July 26 2019, we’ve been able to deliver digital broadcasting that matters. The continued support and patronage of our customers have made our growth and success possible.
With our headquarters in Manchester, United Kingdom, we’ve have been able to spread our tentacles to West/East and South Africa were we are also recording groundbreaking patronage.
Our vision is bridging the gap between the less privilege and high class in the society through digital broadcasting.
Guided by the philosophy of shared prosperity, we believe that the success and growth of our business is tied to the well being and success of the communities in which we operate. Because we believe in touching lives and helping those in need, we created a charity program called Be My Angel. An avenue by which we reach out those who can’t afford to pay their fees and those who can’t take care of their medical bills. We have been able to help over alot of people since our inception.
Because the world is a global village, we are not restricted by rivers, lakes, and oceans or separated by mountains, valleys or kilometers. We are always close to you our esteem customers through our online streaming platform 24 hours everyday.